Refund Policy

In the event of non-compliance with the product received and product ordered, or in case of damage due to transport conditions noticed by the customer on the day of receipt of the package, the seller will exchange or refund the product. The customer must keep the seller informed by e-mail, stating whether they want to exchange the product or receive a refund by completing the claim form available on the website.

Provided that the delivered product is returned to the seller in the original packaging and in perfect condition at the address given to the customer via e-mail, it will be an exchange or refund within 30 days after the receipt. The product will be exchanged with a strictly identical product in the stocks, or if the product is no longer available, a comparable product. If the wishes of the customer, the returned Product will be refunded to the seller, as well as the shipping, as soon as possible, if the liability of the Seller is established.