Terms Of Service


These general sales conditions apply to the sale of all products (hereafter “Products”), which are offered on this website (hereinafter “Site”), the publisher is “Maria Rita Rossi” Tel: +393332991383. The placing of an order implies full acceptance by the customer, the full conditions of the site, to the exclusion of all other conditions.


The products offered on this website have been the subject of clinical trials to prove the effectiveness and safety of. All properties of each product are recorded by the Customer. Photos posted on the website are not the liability of the seller.


The Promo offers are only valid in the double limit that they are online and available. The extra prices on this website are quoted in rand including all taxes, excluding shipping costs or provision (see article 7) and may change during the year, provided that the ordered products are paid at the prices during the order.


The order is materialized by clicking on the “confirm cart” button. By confirming his order and clicking the “checkout” button, the customer declares acceptance as the whole of these sales conditions. The order of the customer is subject to a receipt, in which the details of the order are sent to the customer at the specified e-mail address. This acknowledgment will charge the exact amount and specify the method of delivery of the order. Seller reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom there is a backlog of payment or a dispute over the payment of a previous order, or for any other legitimate reason in particular to take the unusual nature of the assignment.


The offer of products on the website are only valid within the limits of the available stocks. In case of unavailability of the product after placing the order, the seller must inform the customer, within 8 days, and to give the waiting time for receiving this product. Customer wants, in this case, the possibility to request the cancellation of the order (payment by bank transfer on behalf of the client is used for the payment of the order within 15 days) or the exchange of his order contact the seller via e-mail: info@fithero.co.uk


6.1. Payment methods

The customer must pay the order by one of the payment methods offered on the website. The settlement of purchases on the Website is exclusively used in Rand (or Dollars for Paypal). Online payment with credit card is completely secure.

Retention of title: The products remain the property of the seller until full payment of the price of the Customer. The personal details and personal information about you are necessary to manage your order and our trade relations. They can be sent to companies that contribute to these relationships, such as those responsible for the execution of services and orders for management, execution, processing, and payment.

This information and data are also stored for security reasons, to comply with legal and regulatory obligations, to improve the services we offer and to personalize the information we send you. Under the Personal Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access and rectify and oppose personal data about you.

Simply write to Customer Service, stating your name, e-mail address and if possible your customer reference. According to the applicable regulations, your application must be signed and accompanied by a copy of an identity card bearing your signature and the address to which you must reach the reply. A reply will then be sent within two months of receipt of the request. Our website is also designed with special attention to the needs of our customers. This is a reason why we use cookies. The cookie is designed to indicate your presence on our site.

Cookies are therefore only for the purpose of improving the personal service that is for you. Your data will not be sold to third parties.

6.2. Security Card payments

The transactions go through the website of Mollie, Stripe and Paypal and no information about the cards is stored at fithero.shop.


7.1. Delivery Terms

The products are delivered to the shipping address that was introduced during the ordering process. It is up to the customer to give all correct order details for good delivery. If the customer is not present at the delivery of the package by the carrier, he must organize the new delivery himself or pick up the packer at a specific pick-up point. Delivery takes an average of 2 working days after the payment of the order online and maximum within the next six working days. The shipping costs or being made available are for the customer. The delivery date may be extended at the request of either of the customer or the seller for a period of seven days and it will be the deadline for delivery of the product to be ordered except in cases of force majeure invoked by the seller. After this period, the customer can contact the seller via e-mail, her decision to cancel the order in which the full amount paid within 30 days must be paid.

7.2. Exchange or refund Terms

In the event of non-compliance with the product received and product ordered, or in case of damage due to transport conditions noticed by the customer on the day of receipt of the package, the seller will exchange or refund the product. The customer must keep the seller informed by e-mail, stating whether they want to exchange the product or receive a refund by completing the claim form available on the website.

Provided that delivered product is returned to the seller in the original packaging and in perfect condition at the address given to the customer via e-mail, it will be an exchange or refund within 30 days after the receipt. The product will be exchanged with a strictly identical product in the stocks, or if the product is no longer available, a comparable product. If the wishes of the customer, the returned Product will be refunded to the seller, as well as the shipping, as soon as possible, if the liability of the Seller is established.


The consumer has a period of seven days to exercise his right of withdrawal without paying any reason or penalties, except, where applicable, the costs of the return. In the event that the consumer can move at the same time and where he needs to call for immediate service and necessary living conditions, the consumer can waive this term. In this case, it would continue to exercise its right of withdrawal without paying any reason or penalties. The period mentioned in the previous paragraph starts from the receipt of the goods or acceptance of the offer of services. If the information provided is not provided, the period for the exercise of the right of withdrawal is extended to three months. When the provision of such information takes place within three months after the receipt of the goods or acceptance of the offer, it shall run the seven-day period referred to in the first paragraph. When the seven-day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday, or a public holiday or a holiday, it is extended until the next business day.


The customer has the legal guarantee against hidden defects. Seller cannot be held liable for breach of the contract in the event of a shortage (temporary or permanent) unavailability of the product, or in case of force majeure, malfunction or total or partial strike of the postal services and transport and / or communication. The Seller is not liable for any damage resulting from this; business loss, loss of profit, loss of opportunity, damage or costs.


The data entered by the customer when placing the order is processed by the computer and is required for the establishment of the contract. The customer has the right to oppose, to the access to and the changing of data that the seller, but also service providers he would use, would have. To exercise the right, the customer must send their request to info@fithero.co.uk


In view of the possible development of the site, the Seller reserves the right to amend or change these terms and conditions at any time. The new terms and conditions of the sale will be communicated to the Customer by online modification as appropriate and will only apply to orders made after the change.